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Rover Scouts

Rover Scouts

From the age of 18, and up to our twenty-first birthday, we are part of the Rover Scouts (known as Pioneiros, Pioneers, in Brazil). We organize ourselves into a clan, which is where we support each other and discover common interests. We take our motto “Serve” seriously, since the adventure that we live is no longer symbolic or imaginary. We experience the real role of the adult through service and community development activities.

Daily life in the clan gives us a lot of freedom, but we are also aware of the responsibility this brings – we are who organize our own activities. This is when we enter adult life, and we are completing the construction of our values ​​and principles.

Even as members of the clan, we can participate as adult volunteers in other sections to actively serve in our communities. About to turn 21, the time has come to end our journey as youth members of the Scout Movement. The Departure Ceremony marks this stage, which can be followed by Scout life as a volunteer, as a Scout or administrative leader.

The Rover Project

As a Rover, you symbolize a journey of great learning and resilience, regardless of when you joined the Scout Movement. Your experiences, mistakes and achievements make all the difference now – observing your trajectory, you should recognize your skills and the areas in which you need to grow even more.

For this, there is a course to be taken: to achieve the Citizenship and Commitment insignias, to revise your life project, and to develop a personal project that lasts more than four months and that includes all the proposed steps.

As a result of your development, you can reach the BP Insignia, representing all the experiences and stages that you have completed as a Rover Scout..

Enjoy your time as a Rover Scout and prepare yourself, soon you will be able to provide other young people with an experience as incredible as your own!

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