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Cub Scouts

Between 6.5 and 10 years of age, we are wolf cubs. We learn lot about life in the midst of nature, living in a group and developed our socialization. “The Jungle Book”, which portrays the adventures of Mowgli, the wolf boy, is the symbolic framework that inspires the organization Cub Scouts.

Together, we form a pack, which is divided into smaller groups called dens. Each den has four to six Cub Scouts, boys and girls, with whom we share activities throughout the period we spend in this section.

With these friends, we play games and other fun activities, have adventures, learn about the importance of good deed every day and are still encouraged to always Do Our Best, which is the Cub Scouts’ motto.

We have our own law, the Cub Scout Law, which contains five articles

  • The Cub Scout always listens to the Old Wolves;
  • The Cub Scout thinks about others first;
  • The Cub Scout opens his eyes and ears;
  • The Cub Scout is always clean and happy;
  • The Cub Scout always tells the truth.

Before we turn 11, we are sent to the Scout Section. During this period, a Crossover Ceremony is held, so that we can say goodbye to the pack.

The Jungle Path

The progression map is a way to help you earn the Southern Cross, your section’s the most important award! As a Cub Scout, you will have a lot of responsibilities, but also a lot of fun in your future.

To make this journey easier, the Cub Scout’s progression map can be used to mark all your advancement.

From the time you enter the pack, Akela will follow your development, giving you a bit of help whenever you need it. By learning simple tasks that are done in our daily lives, you show that you can take care of yourself and that you know how important it is for each one to do his or her part.

To get to the Southern Cross, there is a path you need to follow – for each item you complete, a little mark must be made on the map.

This will help you and Akela remember all the details of your journey. In addition, you need to earn five skill or proficiency badges, a Special Interest Insignia, participate in three campouts or cantonments, and attend most of your Scout groups Saturday activities.

Let’s get to work, wolf cub!

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