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Senior Scouts

Senior Scouts

The Senior Scouts are made up of young people between 15 and 17 years old. We already know each other better, we accept our characteristics and differences in a simpler way, and we understanding our own personalities better. Here exploration becomes personal challenges and we are encouraged to surmount these challenges.

Our activities challenge us and encourage us to rise above our difficulties, be they mountain climbing mountains, sailing, learning about new technologies, camping for several days, hiking, learning new skills and many other things.

As our motto says, we are always prepared for everything that happens around us. We have our troop, a group of friends with whom we share unforgettable experiences with us and who support us in times of difficulty.

From the moment we turn 17, and, at the latest, before turning 18, we need to say goodbye to the Senior troops and depart for the Rover Scouts, after a Crossover Ceremony.

The Senior Challenge

There are so many adventures that you experience as a Senior Scout; you learn to overcome obstacles, fears, challenge yourself and constantly outdo yourself – always accompanied by friends. Your walk, if carried out with dedication, will take you directly to the Scout of the Fatherland, the special badge of your Branch.

To track this journey, you have the progression map and the Senior Scout Progression app at your disposition, where you can register all your achievements and monitor the areas in which you need to develop further.

As part of your challenge, you will still need 10 nights camping with your Senior Scout patrol or troop, earn the golden shoulder cord, one of the Special Interest Badges and one of the Program Badges for your current section. Do your best. Your Scout leader and the Court of Honor will also have to nominate you to receive the Homeland Scout award..

Overcome your own challenges! Now is the time!

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