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Between 11 and 14 years of age we belong to the Scout section. We are organized into to patrols of 5 to 8 young people, boys and girls, that, with other patrols, from a troop. In addition to working as a team and understanding the importance of respecting nature, we learn diverse things that make us more confident and determined.

Each patrol has its own staff and pennant, where we record striking memories of our experiences together, as well as the patrol logbook, which has all the information about the members and photographs of our actions. We chose a monitor, who acts as a leader within our group, and we develop some activities on our own, such as going to the countryside, to the movies, playing a game, etc.

Activities such as camping and excursions are part of our experience in Scouts, always with the guidance of adults. With our motto “Be Prepared”, we are interested in exploring new places, discovering new things, always with our group of friends.

Before turning 15, we go through a transition period in which we adapt to the Senior Scouts, and we said goodbye to our Scout troop with the Crossover Ceremony.

The Scout Adventure

In the Scout section, you take part in so many activities that writing down all of them makes it a lot easier to earn your Golden Fleur-de-lis, this section’s highest award! For this, you have two very simple tools at your disposal: the progression map and the Scout Section Progression app – both help register the activities carried out during your “Scouting Adventure”.

Each item you complete means that you are one step closer to the Golden Fleur-de-lis award. Not only that, you show your Scout leader and friends how responsible and capable you are in all kinds of situations; on seeing you advance so quickly, your patrol mates will want to do the same and you will be able to help them! Let your Scout leader know about all your achievements: he will be able to lend a hand when you need it.

In addition to the route on the map, you will need to earn at least one Special Interest Badge, have received the red and white efficiency shoulder cord, have 10 nights of camping with your patrol or troop and earn one of the Scout section’s Program Badges. But “Be Prepared”; after all this, you still need nominated by Court of Honor and the Scout leader.

Earning the Golden Fleur-de-lis shows that you had a lot of fun, but also your personal development.

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