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Administrative Scout Leader

Administrative Scout Leader

Institutional administrative leaders are the adults responsible for running the institution at all levels (national, regional or local) exercising positions as members of the executive boards or of fiscal and ethics commissions. Leaders must be at least 18 years old and, like Scout leaders, they must be willing perform their duties and develop within the Scout Movement.

Institutional administrators are responsible for the functions of logistical, administrative and financial support for activities developed in the Local Scout Units and in other level of Brazilian Scouting. They do not participate directly in section activities, but they are absolutely necessary for them to take place. Every administrative leader contributes to the training of children, teenagers and young adults within Scouting, albeit indirectly.

How to become a Volunteer

From the age of 18 on, anyone can be a volunteer in the Scout Movement. There is no maximum age limit. To do so, you just need to be available on activity and meeting days and be able to dedicate yourself to preparing those activities (two hours per week, on average), as well as love being in contact with nature, with children, adolescents and young adults, and share our Principles and Values.

If you meet these requirements, just find and get in touch with the Local Scout Unit closest to your home. It is that easy.

Volunteers – whether Scout leaders (who work directly with young people) or administrative leaders (who work in the Scout group’s administration) – are the link between theory and practice. It is they who encourage and monitor each young person’s development, and who prepare activities so that Scouts feel motivated and challenged. Adult are the tool through which Scouting takes place, enabling young people to be our Movement’s protagonist and focus.

To register as a member of the Scouting Union of Brazil, all volunteers need to take the Youth Protection Course. The training process, during which adults dedicate themselves to deepening their knowledge of each Section, takes place over the course of their Scouting life, with courses and readings being an essential element of that process.

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